Frequently Asked NYSC Questions

Embarking on your NYSC journey is sure to be exciting but it is natural to have some related NYSC questions along the way.

These Frequently Asked NYSC Questions and answers below are your one-stop guide to everything NYSC from registration and mobilization to orientation camp and beyond. Dive in, clear your doubts, and prepare to embrace this adventure with confidence.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one-year service program for all Nigerian graduates under the age of 30. It aims to promote national unity and integration by deploying graduates to different states of the country.

As at January 2024, the monthly allowance for all corps members is N33,240. Corps Members are entitled to health insurance, transportation allowances, and other benefits depending on their location and Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

PCMs are the graduates who are preparing to go for NYSC.
In the NYSC program, you are not a Corps Member until you have been sworn in at the orientation camp. So until then, you will be referred to as a Prospective Corps Member.

The requirements for mobilization and online registration are published on NYSC official website.

No, you don’t need a passport for online registration but you will undergo a live facial capture at the point of registration.

Registration can only be done at accredited cyber cafes. Find the nearest one in your neighborhood using this link. Foreign graduates can however register at any cyber cafe in the world.

You can use any email address whether new or old as long as it is valid and accessible. I will however advise you to use Gmail instead of Yahoo Mail so you can get the confirmation link immediately.

You are to do the biometric capturing by yourself. If the biometrics don’t match, the officials in camp will send you back home. It is important to register yourself and avoid using someone else to complete your registration on your behalf.

The following are the mandatory documents for participating in the NYSC Orientation camp:

  • => Call-up Letter and Green card
  • => Academic Certificate or Statement of result
  • => School ID Card
  • => NIN
  • => Medical Fitness Certificate
  • => Medical License (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • => O’Level (Foreign-trained graduates)

These are the links you will need in the course of your online registration.

NYSC graduates can be posted to various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, rural development, and community development. Your posting will depend on your field of study, the state you’re deployed to, and the available opportunities there.

While posting is officially done randomly by NYSC, some people pay individuals for unofficial assistance with their placement. You can contact Local Man for help regarding direct posting and relocation.

The registration date is announced officially by the NYSC. Make sure to join our WhatsApp group so you don’t miss out on any updates.

Posting is done randomly so whether you register on the first or last day, you will still be posted. I will however advise those interested in influencing their posting to register as early as possible.

Physical verification is the review of academic documents presented by foreign-trained graduates to be sure they are indeed graduates. This exercise is compulsory for call-up. It was introduced a few years ago to curb fake graduates from participating in the scheme.

If you are deployed and refuse to report to the Orientation Camp, it means you are not interested in going for your NYSC at that point in time so you will need to revalidate with subsequent batches. It’s a clearly matter of choice hence there is no punishment for it.

After completing the NYSC program, corps members are issued a discharge certificate and are free to pursue their careers or further education.

NYSC has three batches (A, B, and C), each further divided into Stream I and Stream II. The reason for batches and streams is to control overcrowding as the resources available can only cater for a certain number of people per time. Stream I and II always belong to the same batch but they will attend camp and pass out of NYSC at different times.

Medical report is a document from a hospital that can be useful for relocation, camp exit, and exemption from camp activities. The main reason for the medical report is usually for relocation. It is optional for people who want to relocate in camp or have other medical reasons to be exempted from camp activities.

A fitness certificate on the other hand is a compulsory medical clearance that everybody PCM must bring to camp before entry. It is basically to show that the PCM is medically fit to participate in camp activities. You can contact Local Man on the WhatsApp group for processing of both documents.

  • This is a relative question because what works for Mr A may not work for Mr B. Many people claim the big cities like Abuja and Lagos are the best, but reality has shown that this is just a fallacy. The best State for service depends on the opportunities available at certain time and these opportunities are not location specific.