How to Avoid NYSC Scammers: A Guide for Prospective Corps Members

In recent times, there has been a rise in the activities of NYSC scammers targeting unsuspecting prospective corps members (PCMs). These fraudsters exploit the anxiety and eagerness of young graduates preparing for their NYSC year.

By pretending to help influence the posting or relocation of corps members, they lure victims into paying large sums of money. However, once the money is paid, they disappear, leaving the victims with no help.

To Protect Yourself From NYSC Scammers, Here are Tips to Follow

1. Beware of Unsolicited Messages: Scammers often message you without you asking for it. Legitimate services for direct posting and relocation don’t reach out to strangers.

2. Desperation: NYSC scammers are often desperate to get your money and move on to the next victim. They may be persistent with their reminders. Stay vigilant!

3. Inconsistencies in Personal Details: Most scammers use different phone numbers and bank accounts with various names. Watch out for these inconsistencies. Use Truecaller to check phone numbers, and search their details on Google for any red flags. Always verify the authenticity of anyone claiming to offer assistance with NYSC postings or relocations.

4. Impersonators: Some NYSC scammers will impersonate people you know and trust. Verify phone numbers and account details to ensure you’re talking to the right person. Never share personal information or make payments to unverified sources.

5. Be Careful on Social Media: NYSC scammers often monitor social media and WhatsApp groups for potential victims. Don’t share personal details or express desperation online, as scammers are ready to exploit this information.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from falling victim to NYSC scammers. Stay informed and cautious to safeguard your money and future.

List and Details of Exposed NYSC Scammers

Now that you know how to spot NYSC scammers, see the list of those who were busted in the act:

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👉 Ajibola Alamu (impersonator)

This person uses the phone numbers below at different times for conversations with different people. They are also his Whatsapp numbers. He does this by messaging people and pretending to be me (Local Man).

  • 08147973451
  • 09065542014
  • 08029388519

Below are the account details he has given to people at different times.

Ajibola Alamu


Zenith Bank

Ajibola Alamu



Opeyemi Oladayo Adebayo



Oderinla Joy Kabirat


Wema Bank

He left my Whatsapp group when exposed. Be very careful of this scammer.


👉 Begging Format – 07068708349

This phone number (+2347068708349) goes about every Whatsapp begging for 500 naira under the pretense that he is sick. He uses a fictitious name of Success Goodluck Oscar. Beware of this scammer.


2. More loading…

This list will be updated whenever there is any busted fraudster. You can send me details of NYSC scammers you have encountered via but be sure to attach verifiable proofs to your claim.

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