NYSC 2024 Calendar: See The New Official Mobilization Timetable

Prospective corps members often inquire about the commencement dates for specific National Youth Service Corps batches or streams. This article on NYSC 2024 calendar addresses this question for the year 2024.

Yes, I can feel your sigh of relief. 🤗

NYSC 2024 Calendar

The table below is a clear breakdown of the orientation camp dates in the NYSC 2024 calendar for Batch A, B, and C. These dates are crucial for prospective corps members to prepare adequately for a successful service year.

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Batch A – (Stream 1)15th February, 20246th March, 2024
Batch A – (Stream 2)17th April, 20247th May, 2024
Batch B – (Stream 1)26th June, 202416th July, 2024
Batch B – (Stream 2)31st July, 202420th August, 2024
Batch C – (Stream 1)23rd October, 202412th November, 2024
Batch C – (Stream 2)21st November, 202411th December, 2024

There you have it!

Even though this NYSC 2024 calendar unveils the mobilization timetable for various batches, it is important to note that this is privileged information not made public on the NYSC mobilization portal.

That means it may undergo changes if and when required.

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As you prepare for your service year, do well to check out these essential items you need for the NYSC orientation camp. I also included tips on how to easily acquire them without breaking the bank.

There are tons of other helpful articles on this blog that will give you insights about all you need to know about mobilization. Take time to digest them.

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63 thoughts on “NYSC 2024 Calendar: See The New Official Mobilization Timetable”

  1. Hello,
    Kindly help me out, there was a typographic error on the date of birth written on my nin. I went to correct it but it was still pending and I will be going to nysc camp before 31 July, 2024.
    Pls,i think I could be considered.


  2. The Name on my NIN is Olawale Basit and all other documents are Olawale Omogbolahan Opeyemi can i still proceed with the registration

  3. Good evening
    The name on my nin is showing Abraye C Victory
    But on my jamb it’s Abraye Victory

    Will it affect my registration??


    Hello good day,
    Am Ugo please am here to know the real date of 2024 NYSC stream 2 registration batch B.
    some rumours which am not 100% are saying registration is going to start on 18th July end 20th July please is that genuine information please reply to me.

  5. Osagie godsentogansuyi

    Good afternoon sir, my name is ogansuyi osagie Godsent,
    I registered for jamb in 2019 with ogansuyi osagie and forget to add Godsent, all my result including waec and neco plus my uniben statement of result contains ogansuyi osagie Godsent, but everything else is correct like my date of birth in the jamb result matches school date of birth including the Nin matches the date of birth in the statement if result.
    Will this affect my NYSC or does NYSC follow the Senate list which is my statement of result and Nin . Though my date of birth are correct in everything even in jamb too. Will they be any issues??

  6. I registered since batch AII and I have been posted to state of deployment but due to some problems I could not be able to report to even batch Bii. is there any possibility to go with batch Ci

  7. Would like to know how I do I register being a vendor in the NYSC camp mammy market . Hopefully for the next batch this July 3024

    1. You cannot get exemption letter if you haven’t registered. You will need to register once portal opens so the system can automatically determine if you are qualified to go for service or to be exempted.

      1. Abubakar Hamza Burgel

        Pls may I know whether my date or birth is corrected or not
        I now used my WAEC Date of Birth and buy the pin you show me that is treated but yet to receive new mobilization
        Thank you

  8. Rasheed Adeyemi

    When the Batch B registration will commence and what are the requirements that i need to have in hand as a new register……

  9. If I’m not able to get my statement of result ready and therefore do internal mobilization in my school before Nysc closes the portal for schools to upload names of PCMs for batch B, which according to the timetable should end today, or next week latest,

    Would the portal be reopened for schools to upload names again for Batch B stream 2, and when does this usual happen?

    1. Yes, portal usually opens for senate list upload during stream II but most schools usually upload just once per batch. You might want to refer to the practice applicable in your school.

      1. Thanks for the update
        I graduated 2012. I didn’t go for service due to some issue. They refused to give me Nysc excemptional certificate. I have done the registration process. My name is not in the senate list. What should I do!

        1. Hi Lucky. I find it strange that you graduated since 2012 and your name isn’t on the senate list. I’m not sure you are telling the full story but I’d advise you reach out to the Students Affairs Officer in the school in question. They are in the best position to tell you while you haven’t been mobilized for NYSC all these years.

      1. I was mobilized but due to unpredicted reason, I was not able to go with the batch A stream 2, what can I do? And also there is possibility I can’t also join this next batch, hope it won’t be a problem?