Married Women And NYSC: The Best Guide For Online Registration


This article discusses NYSC Registration for Married Women, outlining the documents they must upload during online registration and the benefits accrued. By the end, married female PCMs will have a clear idea of the NYSC registration process.

The NYSC program mandates all eligible Nigerian graduates to fulfill one year of service to the nation. While the online registration process is uniform for everyone, additional requirements are in place for married women and foreign-trained graduates. This guide aims to elucidate the NYSC online registration process specifically for married women, streamlining the procedure for a more straightforward and less stressful experience.

NYSC online registration for married women

Provisions Regarding NYSC Registration for Married Women

NYSC seeks to build a united and integrated Nigeria by assigning graduates to serve in states different from their own. Despite this overarching goal, the program acknowledges that married women might have special situations requiring them to be closer to their spouses.

To address this concern, married women are granted concessional deployment to their husbands’ state of residence. Nevertheless, to prevent the abuse of this privilege, the NYSC requires additional documents. These documents play a crucial role in confirming the marriage and the husband’s place of residence.

This necessity has led to the inclusion of specific document uploads during online registration, which are further subject to manual checks and approval.

NYSC Documents Required from Married PCMs

During online registration, you will be asked to select your gender. Opting for “Female” opens up additional options tied to marital status. Once you choose “Married,” specific required documents will be prompted for upload.

Below are the necessary requirements for married female PCMs, each of which must be clearly scanned:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Change of name publication
  • Letter of domicile
  • Utility Bill
  • Husband’s ID Card

1. Marriage Certificate

This legal document certifies the marriage between two individuals. Married female prospective corps members must upload a scanned copy of their marriage certificate during online registration.

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2. Newspaper Publication

This publication demonstrates the change of name from the maiden name to the husband’s surname. A scanned copy of the newspaper publication is required during online registration.

3. Domicile Letter

This document, issued by the local government or another authority, confirms a person’s legal residence in a specific area. Married female PCMs must upload a valid domicile indicating where their husband stays and for how long.

4. Husband’s ID Card

The uploaded valid identification card should display the husband’s full name and photo. It can be a National ID Card, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License, or passport.

5. Utility Bill

The utility bill must bear the husband’s name and residence. It can be an electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, rent receipt, or any other proof of address. Alternatively, a letter of employment from the husband’s employer stating his position and location can be uploaded.

Benefits of Registering as a Married Woman

As mentioned earlier, married female prospective corps members are granted concessional deployment to their husband’s state of residence, but this is contingent on the approval of documents uploaded during online registration. Once approved, the system will automatically assign you to your husband’s state of residence.

Note: During the orientation course, NYSC officials will make efforts to assign you to a Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) within your husband’s local government, ensuring proximity for convenience.

However, it’s important to note that uploading the required documents doesn’t guarantee concessional deployment. In rare cases, unintentional errors by NYSC personnel may result in incorrect posting for married women.

To address this, married women are permitted to report to the NYSC orientation camp in their husband’s state of residence, even if their call-up letter indicates a different state. Ensure you bring along the documents uploaded during online registration for verification.

Conditions for NYSC Camp Exemption

The orientation camp is not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. To ensure the well-being of both mother and child, prospective corps members in this category will not be accommodated in camp. Consequently, these women will register at the camp and then return home to continue with their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) after the three-week orientation course.

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Remember, serving your nation is an honorable experience, and with the right preparation, you can make it a memorable one.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. We’re here to help you navigate your NYSC registration journey and ensure a successful and fulfilling service year.

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60 thoughts on “Married Women And NYSC: The Best Guide For Online Registration”

  1. As a married lasy after uploading marital documents required for exemption letter,will my exemption certificate bear my marital surname or the surname used whike schooling

  2. Fayelu zainab dolapo

    Good morning, I have been trying to create profile on nysc portal, it keep saying details does not correspond with my jamb profile , I did change of name on my nin, my maiden is still on my jamb profile while my nin contain the new name,

  3. As a married woman and nursing mum do I need medical fitness and school I’d to apply for registerstion and during camp registration before leaving the camp? Cause I lost my school I’d and leave outside the state I school.

  4. I’m a married pcm who is currently staying in Abuja.. my husband just got transfered here but all his documents shows PH,
    All of my documents carry my maiden name including my result and NIN do I still need the change of name?
    And our utility bill bears the landlords name..
    Please help me, how do I go about it?

  5. Good pm, pls I’m a married pcm who stays in Ikorodu what state should I fill during nysc registration to get my PPA in Ikorodu and I have a 3yrs old child I’m i qualified to be a nursing mother for camp exemption?
    I look forward to your response. Thanks.

  6. Hy,gud day,am a married PCM who lives in zamfara going for this batch b2,but I heard that no camping in zamfara because of insecurity,pls where can I go for my camp registration?

  7. Please is original waec certificate compulsory for a married woman and can I use agreement of the apartment we live as utility bill???

    1. No, it isn’t but I advise you take your O’Level certificate along. Utility bill should be something like electricity, water, etc. I’m not so sure house rent applies but you use use it if that’s the only thing you have.

  8. My name is Ogbonna Joy, and my husband’s name is Excellence Samuel Ogbonna, so how should my name appear in the Newspepar Change of name publication?

  9. Please am a married PCM the name in my NIN and the name in my result tally, do I need to add my husband name to the maiden name ??

  10. Hello, my nin bears my husband’s name which is different from the name in my result which is my maiden name, what do I do about this??

  11. My husband voters card has No 2,wura street,Ondo state.
    But on my affidavit of change of name,I have this address No, 5,sunshine street,ondo state.
    Please is it okay this way.

    1. Am a married PCM can I use my husband house rent receipt as utility bills and can I use NIN or passport as his identity

  12. I’m a married PCM but I did traditional marriage can I go to court to do the marriage certificate for NYSC?

    1. Oluwatumisile christianah

      What if I’m married and I’m not pregnant nor have babies yet would I still camp for that 3weeks?

  13. Olisa Ogechukwu Stellamaris

    Good day.. am a PCM and married I have all required documents. But my NIN is my father’s name do I have to change that to my husband name too

  14. Good morning
    My matriculation name is jst two names while my nin and school name is three names
    I have followed all the jamb enquirer I fill the indemnity form and summited it to my institution which is signed and forwarded to my state jamb office and it is already sent to Abuja headquarters
    but I was resently told that it’s not approved without any explanation
    Since am married naw and am registering as a married pcm and the name am adding is the one am replacing with my husbands name is there need to change my jamb name
    please help me resolve this issue

  15. Please my nin Carrie’s my husband’s surname

    And I heard ur nin and ur results should have the same name to be able to register

    Please can’t I still register like that since I have my change of name

    1. Hi good evening I did traditional marriage which no certificate was given to us ..pls how do I register as a married woman. Which certificate can I upload

      1. Hello Sandra, you need a certificate from government recognized institution like marriage registry to register for NYSC. Even certificates given in churches cannot work for this purpose.

  16. Cordelia Ukamaka

    I am a PCM and also married. I have not done the change of name and the newspaper publication. I was thinking it is something I can do when registering for service.

    How long does it take to do change of name. Also is the change of name compulsory? Is it there a way to avoid it and still serve as a married woman

    1. You cannot avoid doing change of name and publication if you want to register as a married woman. Change of name is done at the court. Any newspaper vendor can help you with publication.

  17. I registered married and uploaded all my documents my surname have even changed but I was posted to different state, I went to the orientation camp in my husband domicile state dey just wrote down some tinx gave me back my documents asked me to check my dashboard yesterday Tuesday 23)04)2024 against coming back today Wednesday that my dashboard will change…my dashboard is yet to change and they told me not to come till it changes….am confused n dnt know wat to do

      1. I’m among the next 2024 batch b pcm, pls i need a solution now before it too late,

        My husband name is Emmanuel olalekan joshua on all is documents while on our marriage certificate is Oyekan olalekan joshua giving to us at registry, oyekan is there family name while emmanuel is his father name my question is can we do affidavid to back this up during document uploading at nysc?

      2. Married pcm but posted to Ondo instead of the state I live.
        Have been to camp, they only did something on my portal and said i should keep checking my dashboard for another state of deployment. Have been waiting for state of deployment to change on my portal for 5 days now.

        What do you advice that i do

        1. Please I’m a married pcm,
          I have the following:

          Domicile letter
          Marriage certificate
          Affidavit of Change of name,
          My husbands international passport.

          With this,am I good to go?

    1. Good day Seraphina. What is the update when you went back to back to complain about no changes on your dashboard.

      I am having same issues for 5days now but was told to check back during swearing in.
      I will like to hear from you so I can know what next to do

      1. Please I am a Muslim married PCM. It’s not every Muslim that use their husband’s name after marriage. All my Documents carry my father’s name including my marriage certificate. Can I use it like that or is it under most I change my name? Please what can I do?

    2. Same thing happen to me here at lagos and I was told the same thing, the issue is that as at earlier today which is Wednesday am unable to check the call up later

  18. Please I registered as a married woman and I uploaded all documents needed to upload

    But my surname hasn’t changed to my husband surname and my call up number is ready

    Though the marital status approve is still showing pending

    Please hope no problem

        1. Ugwuoke Chinyere Gloria

          Please, what I have is affidavit of marriage, can I use it to register?

          Again, my husband’s ID card bears a different surname to what we have in the affidavit of marriage, can it be acceptable please