10 Important Documents You Need For NYSC Camp Registration

The NYSC Orientation Course is a pivotal moment for every Nigerian graduate, marking the exciting commencement of their service year to the nation. It serves as a platform for national integration, cultural exchange, and the acquisition of essential skills. However, before unlocking these enriching experiences, certain camp registration requirements must be met.

NYSC camp registration documents

This article serves as your comprehensive guide, outlining the essential documents you need to prepare for a smooth and successful registration process.

Equally important, don’t forget to also check out the essential items needed in camp for an idea about what you need to pack for your comfort at the orientation camp.

Having said that, let’s get down to business!

NYSC Camp Registration Requirements

Here’s a breakdown of the essential items you need to have readily available:

  • Academic Certificate
  • School ID Card
  • Call-Up Letter
  • Green Card
  • Passport Photographs
  • Medical Certificate of Fitness
  • Professional License (for medical graduates)
  • Addendum
  • Uploaded Documents (married women, foreign graduates)
  • Medical Report (optional)

Academic Certificate / Statement of Result

This document, issued by your institution, officially validates your graduation and degree acquisition. It certifies that you have fulfilled the minimum educational criteria for participating in the NYSC program. You must verify that the name and graduation date on your certificate corresponds with the information on your NYSC dashboard. Any discrepancies, particularly in the date of graduation, may result in you being sent back home.

Polytechnic graduates are mandated to provide both their HND and OND certificates or statements of results. Similarly, foreign graduates must present their original certificates for validation purposes.

School ID Card

The School ID card is required during camp registration to confirm your identity and verify that you are a genuine graduate of the institution you claim to have attended. This measure assists NYSC officials in verifying the authenticity of PCMs. Even though the final year ID card is preferred, any valid school ID, regardless of expiration status will suffice for this purpose.

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NYSC Call-Up Letter

The call-up letter specifies your posting specifics, such as your deployment state, orientation camp venue, and reporting date. This document grants you entry to the camp and will be ready for printing a few days prior to the camp’s opening. Print it in color and do not laminate it.

Green Card

The green card is the printed slip obtained after successfully registering online. It confirms NYSC registration and includes essential information like your call-up number, details of your next of kin, and other personal data. Print the document in color, just like the call-up letter, and avoid laminating it.

Passport Photograph

To ensure smooth identification across various services, please submit recent passport photographs with a white background. You’ll need them for your meal ticket, bank account opening, SAED registration, and many other important procedures. I advise you take along at least seven copies. This will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Medical Fitness Certificate

All participants must obtain a medical certificate of fitness issued by a government or military hospital in Nigeria to ensure their well-being. This document certifies that the bearer is in good health and capable of engaging in camp activities. I strongly advise you to prioritize obtaining this well in advance to avoid any delays.

📌 Bonus: Send a Whatsapp message to process your medical fitness certificate which is a compulsory requirement for camp registration.

License for Medical Graduates

To register, medical graduates must have a permanent professional license issued by their respective field’s regulatory body. This allows authorities to confirm their eligibility to practice in the healthcare sector and facilitates potential deployment during the service year.

Addendum for Camp Registration

Addendum is the pop-up message you see when you log in to your NYSC dashboard. It’s a compulsory document you must sign and take to the orientation camp. Print the addendum from a computer as you cannot download it like the other documents on your dashboard. I advise printing it at the cyber cafe when printing your green card.

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Uploaded Documents

Foreign-trained graduates must bring the original copies of all documents they uploaded during online registration and the physical verification exercise to camp. In addition, married female PCMs must report to camp with the documents they uploaded online.

Medical Report

If you wish to apply for relocation due to health reasons or need to exit camp, you must provide a medical report. You must however know that this is not required for camp registration. This document provides a detailed assessment of the applicant’s health condition and serves as a basis for the decision-making process.

Important Tip: Join the official NYSC WhatsApp Group to stay updated on the latest NYSC registration guidelines and requirements

Additional Tips for Camp Registration

  • Start gathering and organizing your documents well in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.
  • Carry the original copies of all required documents alongside clear photocopies. It’s advisable to make three (3) copies each.
  • Ensure all information provided on the documents and during registration is accurate and complete.
  • Keep all required documents in a folder bag for easy access during camp registration.
  • Arrive at the camp early on your designated registration date to avoid unnecessary stress and long queues.
  • Prepare to answer questions about your documents and provide additional information if required.
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Conclusion on NYSC Camp Registration

In conclusion, completing your registration successfully paves the way for a memorable and fulfilling NYSC experience. By diligently preparing these essential documents and adhering to the registration guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and successful start to your NYSC service year.

Remember this is an important moment in your journey, so prepare yourself so you can focus on embracing the unique experiences that await you at the orientation camp.

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11 thoughts on “10 Important Documents You Need For NYSC Camp Registration”

  1. Emmanuel Effiong

    Please the date of birth in my NIN is not the same with the one in my jamb slip
    The one in the jamb slip was wrongly capture, which is 25th December 1993 while the one in my NIN is 25th December 1996
    Please will it affect me.

  2. Ogansuyi osagie Godsent

    Good afternoon sir, my name is ogansuyi osagie Godsent,
    I registered for jamb with ogansuyi osagie and forget to add Godsent, all my result including waec and neco plus my uniben statement of result contains ogansuyi osagie Godsent,
    Will this affect my NYSC or does NYSC follow the Senate list which is my statement of result and Nin . Though my date of birth are correct in everything even in jamb too. Will they be any issues??

    1. Ajokubi Marvelous

      I have issue in the name that is on my waec result but my jamb admissions letter the name there is correct and my birth certificate The name there is correct in all my document the name is correct it only waec result that I have wrong name will will it affect my nysc service

    1. Hi Seun, the federal government approved earlier this year that NOUN students can enroll for NYSC. However, I’m not sure if they have begun. You can make enquiries from your school though.

      1. Good morning Sir. I graduated 2012. l didn’t go for my service due to some challenges. Now they want me to go for service. Sir I have no id card currently now, but I have brochure of my school to identify the year I graduated. Will that brochure be accepted in camp. Thank you sir